It is every entrepreneur’s dream to start a business and have it experience a hockey-stick type of growth. While a sizeable number have their dream come true, many fail. The denominator is always lack or inadequate capital. Frequent changes in the economic and business landscape have forced entrepreneurs to change tact as far as seeking and financing their business is concerned. Some financing options are either expensive or will lead to dilution of ownership.

Legitimate ways to get capital for your business

Personal savings

fdgdgdfgfdgfdghjThis method of financing remains the most popular when sourcing for initial capital. It is also known as boot-strapping or self-funding. The owner will use his personal assets as collaterals when obtaining loans, use his credit cards to settle business expenses and literally bring in money. This method is always used before bringing in other parties to invest in the business.

Funding from family and friends

This is also among the legitimate ways to get capital for your business. The adage goes that those who are very close to you will always believe and invest in your ideas. The flipside is that the cordial and existing relationships are put at a very great risk should the business fail to pick up or perform below expectations. Another disadvantage is the constant meddling in the structuring of the business from family and friends who have a stake in the business.

Business loans

This is financing sourced from banks and other financial institutions. Banks have the most stringent conditions when financing businesses. There is some glimmer of hope because other companies are now giving loans to small businesses. The loans are easy to access and quick in processing.
The following are needed to access these easy loans: growth projection, business plan and evidence of financing from the owner. While the cost of capital (interest) is not high, the business remains in the firm control of the owner.

Angel Investors

fdgdgdfgfdgfdghjdsfdsgdfAlso called seed investors or angel funders. These are investors who finance startups. They majorly assist startups in taking their first steps. They do not look at the short-term aspect of the business but rather at the long term. Their interest is never in the profitability of the business. When they inject money in the business, they either become shareholders or debt holders. This means that they start getting their returns or their debt starts being repaid when the business is on a profit trajectory.
With this kind of ownership arrangement, there exists a fiduciary duty and responsibility by the business owner to the angel investors. The best interests of the angel investors have to be taken care of and protected.


Regardless of the financing option taken, keep in mind the cost of the capital and the impact on the ownership of the business. Ask yourself whether the interest you are paying is too high, the legal costs to be incurred in structuring the financing are high, or the investors you are bringing on board will dilute the shareholding or make you lose control of the business you have painstakingly built. Lastly, always make sure that the capital is from a legit source.…


Everyone works hard to make money, and most of us live on our monthly salary from month to month. Many people may not have any left to save after paying for mortgages other commitments and expenses and therefore when there is an urgent need for cash they get stuck. In such situations, your vehicle can be a great relief. You may ask how this is possible? Well, it is with Car Title Loans in San Diego, CA | Free Quote.

What is an Auto title loan?

It is a quick loan that can be taken in a time of urgent ie8wyneed. There is no need for much paperwork and no need for a credit check. Unlike standard loans from a bank or other lending institution the loan will be dispersed in a matter of hours.

There is no need to wait for days to get the money you need. You will be able to get the cash and sort out your immediate need without much hassle.

The Requirements

Unlike a traditional loan, there is no need for a good credit score and you even with bad credit you can get an auto title loan.

The only requirement is that you own the car 100%, and there should not be any financing or liens over the vehicle. One thing to bear in mind is that the better condition the car is in, the higher the loan amount. You can also get larger amount if the vehicle is a good make and has a high demand and resale value.

Why use this method?

e3w8hcThe simple reason is that when you need cash fast, you cannot wait. A car loan can be obtained almost instantly, and the interest rates they would charge are rather competitive too. You do not need to leave your car with the lender, and you can continue to use it and settle the loan withing the stipulated time.

Auto title loans are a relatively new concept, and therefore, not many people are aware of the process. Therefore, if you want to know more about how to get a safe loan? You can do some research online, and you will get all the required information you need to sort out your immediate financial needs without much stress or running around.…


The best part about selling any product or service that you have is making a profit. However, you cannot make any profit if you are not selling at the right price. If you ask a lot for your product, then people might stop buying what you are selling.

If you also sell it at a low price to attract people, then your profit margin will be laughable as you won’t make even enough to cover up for your costs. The right price is a tough thing to set since you don’t want to scare off the customers, and you don’t want your products to look like they are of poor quality. So, here’s how to sell at the price you want.


Know the Market

You should get to know how much consumejmkb3ed526edty62yd7u282rs are willing to pay so you can work it out and see if you can accept that price. You also need to know how much your competitors are selling the product or service at so you can work it out also from there. From here, you can match those prices by either selling at a slightly higher price or lower depending on what your costs are.

Know Your Costs

You need to know how much you are overall spending to produce the product that you are selling. This will help you know what you need to do to sell it at the optimum price. Knowing how much you are spending to produce a single product is imperative if you are going to get the right price. This will help you calculate how much you need to charge for you to make a profit.

Value-Based Price

Yojkm2w5t26dy2d82i92i2u can set a price that is value based and this you can do just by studying the market well. It will ultimately help you in making an excellent pricing strategy in the long run. So, know your factors and work around them for the right price.

Keep Up With The Times

Prices can rarely stay at a fixed point in a long time, and therefore you need to keep up with the changing business environment. You need to know what is happening in your competitor’s circles as well as any changes in your area’s government policy as this will affect you and your prices. Therefore, always be on the lookout for any changes that are occurring and keep up with the trends. If you adhere to these few rules, then you will always sell at the right price for your business to grow.…

How To Improve Creativity In Your Business

Running a business in this world of cut-throat competition is not easy. One has to be very creative so as to stay ahead of their competitors. Success in business does not only depend on hard work; one has to make smart moves that are based on informed decisions so as to grow. This also applies to any budding entrepreneur who plans to grow their business. Here are some great ideas that can help in improving creativity in business and help in sustaining your business in turbulent times.


Consult your seniors

Consulting people who have made it injmknb3e5dt26d6y272u2 your area of specialization can help you to make the right decisions. People who have been in business for a long time might have a better understanding of the challenges that you are going through. Talking to them will give you a better perspective of what you are going through and help you to make the right decision

Be part of a team

It said that two heads are better than one. The achievements of a team are always way better than the success of an individual’s effort. A team will always have people with different abilities, and skills that will help you run the business with a lot of ease. This is because people can share ideas and make decisions on the best and the most creative approach to pursuing.

Avoid hasty decisions

Do not always be quick to make a decision especially if you are under pressure. Take some time off and think through the process again. Research has shown that the most creative ideas are usually made from a relaxed mind. You can always buy some time by walking around or listening to your favorite music so as to allow your mind to calm down.

Take some coaching sessions

Coaching helps people to identify their strengths and work on them. Taking some time to attend some coaching sessions will help to bring out the best in you. This will help you to understand how to handle failure and bounce back in times of difficulty. It will also help you understand the best leadership skills that will maximize the potential of your partners.

Most of the entrepreneurs who are established have always associated their success to improving creativity in business. Times are changing so fast and a creative idea today may be completely outdated tomorrow. One has to be flexible and be willing to adapt to changes in their business area.…